About Hotel Seb Tower
Hotel Seb Tower (HST) a unit of Seb Oriental Group is centrally located at the heart of Dimapur City. It is about half a KM (0.5) from North Eastern frontier Railway station of Dimapur and just on the way 5 KM short of Dimapur airport, about 150 metres from ISBT Dimapur, and less than half a KM from Zion Medical Hospital Dimapur.

The following facilities are provided at Hotel Seb Tower (HST) having built up area of 18000 sq.ft.

Basement Floor: The basement floor is mainly for car parking having 10 parking slots.

Ground Floor: HDFC Bank Purana Bazaar Branch is housed at the ground floor with 24x7 ATM facilities, for convenience and safe Banking.

First Floor: Reception and Restaurant floor; The grand guest reception lounge and Hotel's front office is in this floor. Restaurant of 50 dinners at a time compact, neat and clean modern kitchen.

Second Floor to Fourth Floor: An Executive spacious dedicated guest Room floor.

Fifth Floor: Executive Conference Hall and corporate office floor.

HOTEL SEB TOWER (HST): SERVICE “Hotel Seb Tower” (HST) is equipped with a genset for alternative power back up for 24 hrs uninterrupted power supply. Lift of 8 passengers’ capacity is installed for easy and comfortable access. All the rooms are installed with split and window type air conditioners. Restaurant, lounge, office and conference rooms are also air conditioned.
Overhead Water tank on roof top and distributed to rooms by gravity. Two underground sump of 50kl storage capacity each in the rear yard and the other on front yard.
All together Hotel Seb Tower has 20 Executive guest rooms with all modern amenities, executive conference Hall and (The Gourmet Restro) a multi-cuisine Restaurant.

Multi-Cuisine Restaurant Running Hot and Cold water Cab on Demand
Executive Conference Hall Laundry Service Complimentary Breakfast
24 hrs CCTV Surveillances 24 hrs Uninterrupted Power Supply Free WI-FI Service
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